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A little bit about who we are

About Us

Our vision is to build communities by providing our residents with a sense of pride. We value each person as an individual and care about their opinions and concerns. Our ultimate goal is for our residents to feel a sense of belonging to our community so that they will call Ashford 'HOME' for years to come. The Ashford name was rebranded in 2013 and since then, we have taken great strides towards developing a fantastic team of employees that knows the importance of a happy resident. We believe that providing a positive living experience is better than just providing a place to live. We are proud of our company, our communities, and our residents.

Our History

Ashford Communities was founded by Ash Kumar in 1998, shortly after moving from Canada with his family. Mr. Kumar began buying apartment properties while still a student at the University of Regina in Canada. He grew his business by analyzing each property, buying under market value and improving the properties to increase resident occupancies. Throughout his acquisitions, Mr. Kumar has taken great pride in giving back to the community as he felt there should be a way in which a business could prosper even more by providing residents a positive experience within their community. He was right; rebranding HK Capital to Ashford Communities and establishing a sense of belonging as the company’s business model has resulted in a growth in resident retention (double industry average). Mr. Kumar has implemented programs in his communities that include English classes or health camps, to promote a sense of brotherhood among residents.


Since Mr. Kumar's acquisition, Ashford Communities has expanded its portfolio to twelve properties and is also the main sponsor of the TotoAid (an organization founded alongside his wife that provides education for children in Tanzania from elementary school all the way through college). Despite achieving rapid business success, however, Mr. Kumar did not allow it to impede him from expanding his knowledge further. He focused on academic growth as well by being in the Harvard OPM Class of 2015 and EMP EO Class of 2017, being a founding member of the CEO Group Vistage, Highest Growth 2008, 2015, and a founding member of EO.

Our Values

Our company has a strong foundation of core values. They are the principles that define our company's beliefs. They define who we are and help guide us on how we make decisions and move forward.


Our core values are represented in the acronym: TEACH


We work as a team to promote loyalty, share ideas, and to achieve sustainable growth.


We are committed to excellence in performing our daily tasks.


We have a passion for what we do.


As a company we value kindness and promote the cultivation of a caring and responsive environment.



We act consistently with integrity, honesty and sound moral character.

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