Spring clean your Apartment in Westchase, Houston TX

It’s that time of the year. We put away our coats and instead, colorful, lighter clothes fill our closet space and our mood feels as warm as the air outside, motivating us to resume our usual morning jogs. But until you spring clean your apartment in Westchase, Houston TX, the day that started off as an inspirational movie may end up being a stressful thriller as you enter home to find a cluttered, stuffed atmosphere in your apartment. Sure all those heavy throws made all the sense in the world during winter, and your stuffed teddy bears were acceptable decor during the holidays, but as spring makes its full entrance, all of that fluffy stuff around your apartment has collected dust, making it an easy excuse for allergies to hit hard.

When you spring clean your apartment in Westchase, Houston TX, go beyond your usual cleaning routine: think about places you’ve never cleansed before.

Here are some tips to get your apartment feeling refreshed:

  • Dust away: Consider areas such as vents, blinds, moldings, plants and light fixtures. All adornments on shelves and toys, specially stuffed animals should be tackled. You can purchase a special mesh to wash the stuffed toys without breaking the hard pieces, such as eyes, nose, buttons etc

  • Wash your curtains: This will make your house feel fresh as window treatments collect dust and dirt, specially if your window faces a heavy-traffic street. Remember to wash your shower curtains as well.

  • Change your winter comforter: Choose a lighter spring bedding. Wash your last season covers and store them. Use one of those vacuum storage bags that will both save space and keep your recently laundered blankets fresh till it’s time to debut again next cold season.

  • Clean and declutter your desk: throw away last year’s paid invoices (keep the last 3 months) and make a binder with 12 folders, one for each month of this year so you can tidily keep a record of your accounts.

  • Tackle your “messy drawer”: Everybody has one of those, whether in the kitchen or the night stand. It’s “that drawer” where you’re sure to find batteries, pens, scotch tape, rubber bands, coupons, bolts, coins, old keys no one knows what they’re good for, leftover parts of furniture you put together, a writing pad and fliers…all cramped together in a small drawer.It sounds like an exhausting project, but once you throw away the last bag of garbage and come back home, you’ll be so glad you rolled up your sleeves to give your apartment some TLC.

If you need more tips on spring cleaning your apartments in Westchase, Houston tx, feel free to come into the office at Ashford Westchase, where our staff will share some of the best tricks to get your apartment feeling as good as new!

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