Apartments in Sharpstown forming a community of friends

Ashford Crescent Oaks offers more than apartments in Sharpstown, we are a close community where residents a big family!

Around the year 2000, this neighborhood became a very high populated area in Houston. Many shops, supermarkets, and stores opened their doors and it became even busier. On November 2006, the Ashford Communities brand welcomed residents to Ashford Crescent Oaks, offering more than apartments in Sharpstown, their vision was to provide residents with a place where they could develop long-lasting friendships and ultimately turn the complex into a real community. Little by little, thanks to a strict application process, all residents in the property began feeling comfortable with the people living next door. Coinciding at the laundry rooms, playground or while out for grocery shopping, families began recognizing each other and first conversations began to take place.

It wasn’t too long before they started realizing they had more in common than what they thought, even when coming from diverse backgrounds.

The staff also contributed in fomenting the sense of brotherhood between neighbors; thru different activities and programs, the environment for those who had never met to find a new friend was made more inviting.

Finding apartments in Sharpstown may not be easy; not because there are few of them, but because you want to feel at home.

Most of our residents have made of Ashford Crescent Oaks their permanent home, because the community is within close proximity to good schools, large supermarkets, places of common interest and Hwy 59, one of the most important routes in Houston. But what has made the greatest impact is being surrounded by true friends. On Saturdays, residents attend ESL class, a free service offered at Ashford Crescent Oaks, during the week a ladies’ team gets together to jog around the community, and other classes are on the works, such as computer and technology. Many events also take place throughout the year and the community gets together by participating and letting the staff know what they’d like to see take place.

There is no doubt, Ashford Crescent Oaks is the community of apartments in Sharpstown where true friendships are developed!

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