Apartments in 77077 enhancing resident’s lives

There is a lot more to home than just a place to live. Home is all about the environment surrounding you and the way in which you interact with your family and your neighbors and Ashford Briar Ponit, our apartments in 77077, seek to enhance their residents´lives in every way possible so that they can all feel right at home.

Making time to cultivate your talents and hobbies.

You start your day early, make sure the kids eat a healthy breakfast, prepare lunch boxes, get ready and off to work…come back home around 6:00, think about what to make for dinner and before you know it the day went by and didn’t really give you a chance for you to relax or take on that project you had hoped to finish…six months ago!

Often times we don’t set some time for ourselves, to practice sports or cultivate your talents and a little effort goes a long way. Sure you work a lot and feel you barely have time for anything but if you set 20 minutes per day, you’ll start feeling more relaxed and motivated for your other duties.

Ashford Briar Point knows all about the importance of dedicating time to nurture yourself as well as sharing with the community, a most important aspect if you want to develop a sense of belonging.

Our apartments in 77077 organize many events where you can show off your talents, such as the Ashford Briar Point Recipe of the Year, in which residents competed for a great prize and the best part was that they got to mingle and meet new residents.Other activities promoted by Ashford Communities go from Zumba lessons to Gardening groups.

Every day, apartments in 77077 turn into united communities where neighbors trust and care about each other.

Aside from the great amenities, Ashford Briar Point has to offer, we strive to make your apartment a place to call home, making sure you enjoy a great community of friends. So if you’re considering apartments in 77077, remember Ashford Briar Point welcomes you and your family to be a part of our wonderful community.

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