Inexpensive Apartments in Houston, TX.

The best area to search: South West Houston

It is crucial to determine what the place in which you’ll be developing your daily tasks will be, starting with your job. Living in the fourth largest city in the United States is a wonderful experience, but you must find inexpensive apartments in Houston so that your family budget does not get consumed. Sometimes, distances may seem infinite, therefore, it is crucial to live close to your workplace, unless you’re up for cranking up your vehicle’s mileage and borrow an extra something from your petty cash for gas. A good alternative is to take the bus, for which you should consider how far is the bus stop from the complex you’ll move into.

We’ve proven that one of the best spots to find inexpensive apartments in Houston TX, is the city’s SouthWest.

This zone is specially notable for its proximity to all the main arteries in “H-Town”, such as Hwy 59, 610, Hwy 6, Beltway 8 and many other alternatives like Bissonnet Street and Beechnut. This implies the area has great access to many shopping malls, restaurants and interesting spots, such as Houston’s Chinatown, Mahatma Gandhi District and the Brae Burn Country Club.

The Ashford Communities brand, preferred for over 18 years in Houston, knows how important it is for your daily commute to have easy access to public transportation, and at Ashford Stancliff Parkwe strive to go beyond what’s expected, which is why our residents have access to the “MetroStar Vanpool” says Cesar Jaime, Manager at the community. “Aside from offering modern amenities like a beautiful swimming pool, sports court, and community center, we try to make our resident’s life easier by offering free electricity* and wifi spots where they may browse the web for free.” Says Cesar.

3 Tips to save on your new apartment:

  • Ask about their monthly specials: The majority of apartment complexes run monthly specials, for example, the first month free when signing a leasing agreement, or waiving the application fee. Don’t wait for the representative to offer the specials…be the one to remember.

  • Apply to all programs available: For example, weatherization and free electricity. Your monthly budget will thank you.

  • Fun for free: Ever added up what you spend on entertaining your kids? lessons nowadays are costly, not to mention, time-consuming when you consider you have to drive and wait. Ashford Santa Fe offers cooking class, ESL, Arts and Crafts and Zumba…absolutely free!

This city is beautiful and living here doesn’t have to cost so much. There are ways in which you can save and one of them is to look for inexpensive apartments in Houston TX. Ashford Stancliff Park is one of your best choices!

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